2021 Theme

As the dust of the pandemic settles, countries across Africa are looking towards economic recovery in a radically changed world.

The landmark African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) came into effect in early 2021, creating the world’s largest free trade area—a key step towards Africa controlling its own destiny.

The UAE also responded decisively to the crisis, quickly moving to reopen and adapt for the future. What synergies exist between the UAE and Africa, and how can the relationship between the two regions drive progress to realize a shared vision for the future?

GBF Africa, building on its reputation as an essential forum for senior government, business, and finance leaders, looked closely at how Africa is responding to current challenges—particularly those presented by covid-19 and examined the role of innovation, collaboration and, above all, trade-in enabling solutions.

GBF Africa Programme Pillars 2021

RESET explored policy and regulatory reforms and assessed the economic implications of the pandemic for the region. How can the continent’s countries work together to deliver on the promise of the AfCFTA and enable sustainable growth?

RESTORE looked at the models for innovative, sustainable trade and technology that can reconfigure the continent’s businesses, trade corridors and supply chains.

Assessing shifts in culture and values as a result of the pandemic, RENEW focused on the resilience of the continent’s emerging businesses, the challenges for its workforce and the role of government in providing an enabling infrastructure for business.

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GBF Africa Official Extended Programme

GBF Africa Official Extended Programme

New to GBF Africa 2021, we introduced dedicated Expo International Participants Programme in order to dive deeper into new opportunities and areas of mutual interest between Africa and the world. These sessions were curated by the international expo partners and were also be hosted at their designated pavilions. The extended programme was by invitation only and exclusive to confirmed GBF Africa 2021 delegates. You can find these sessions labeled on the programme as, ‘GBF AFRICA EXTENDED PROGRAMME’.