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Vusi Thembekwayo

Chief Executive OfficerMyGrowthFund Venture Partners
South Africa
Investment & Finance

South Africa’s Vusi Thembekwayo is making waves as a venture capitalist, global speaker and author, and even harbours presidential aspirations

Vusi Thembekwayo is considered one of the most influential venture capitalists in Africa. Aged just 27, he managed a $35m business unit for a multinational organisation. Today, Mr Thembekwayo influences more than $300m of capital through board appointments. In 2017, he sold a majority stake in his growth consultancy business Motiv8 Advisory to US-based Watermark Advisory, using some of the proceeds to establish MyGrowthFund, an incubator for young entrepreneurs. Mr Thembekwayo is a former board member of the South African Venture Capitalist Association, and was a dragon in the television series Dragons’ Den South Africa. He says his mission is to change the African narrative by challenging mindsets and the approach towards achieving economic freedom.

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