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H.E. Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita

Minister of Industry and Trade
Government, NGO & Local Authorities

Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita is considered one of the leading transport and logistics experts in Mozambique

Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita was appointed Mozambique’s Minister of Industry & Trade in January 2020, having previously served as Minister of Transport & Communications from 2015. Mr Mesquita is a former board member of the National Institute of the Navy, and a former non-executive director of the Beira Grain Terminal. A mechanical engineer by profession, he began his career at the Beira Corridor Office, before joining the state-owned Mozambique Ports and Railways. From 1998 to 2015, he served as managing director of Cornelder de Moçambique, the terminal operator of the Port of Beira.

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